Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This week is the half way mark for me. This means only one more month of making left and although that may sound like a lot, when I think about what I want to get done and what I have done to date I am VERY worried about reaching this deadline with everything I wanted to achieve complete. I am feeling like I have done a lot of work yet nothing is finished and nothing conveys my ideas completly yet. I am now enlisting help for tomorrow and Sunday (from Julian) and will make an extra big push to get as much done in the next week as physically possible!

But here is what has been happening this week so far:
Mixing my clay in the GIANT mixer

A very logistical move from one board to another with no damage thanks to Peter's great ideas.

Cutting off the nose to hollow out the head.

I forgot that I had to fit unferneath all of this to hollow out the body.

Jeanne Hoffman hard at work making moulds.

Laurence Epps doing a bit of late night glazing.

The studio as of today.

The next edition.

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