Friday, September 28, 2012


Finally some tests came out of the kiln that I was happy with and the cow and horse are dry enough to be fired! I I have a couple of days now where I must try and distract myself so I am not so nervous about Sunday when I get to open the kiln. I am not sure what will happen or how it will all come out. I know it will look very different to the animals that I have been seeing for the last few months. All I can hope for is that they are still in one piece!
I have opted for a rapid cool glaze fire on raw clay with a white and blue engobe. We will see what it looks like soon.


The second coat.

Finally at 3am they are ready to be loaded tomorrow.

Fitting things to be put in the kiln.

Carefully moving onto different kiln shelves.

Driving very slowly and carefully towards the kiln.

Lowering into the kiln.



For the last few weeks I have been getting my animals dry and doing lots of  tests with different glazes, clays and other fun things I have found around the centre.

The animals in their drying pens. The newspaper needs changing everyday!
Test's with different clays and low fire foaming porcelain.

Texture tests with high fire foaming porcelain.

I had a go on the milling machine just to see what it was all about.

Some of MANY glazes mixed for testing.

MORE testing!

Mould making.

The cow drying nice and slowley in its pen.

Julian unloading the kiln of cups and tests.

Yeal Atzmony and the horse.

Lawrence Epps lifesize man going in for firing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Julian detailing the animals.
Brian's 3D ceramic printed bricks.

Charlotte Cornaton unloading a kiln.

Lauwrence Epps life size extrusion.

Charlotte Cornaton and Yeal Atzmony admiring Juana Valdes final presentation.

A piece of Juana Valdes work.

Emptying out the head of the pig.

My half way studio presentation.

The studio as of today.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This week is the half way mark for me. This means only one more month of making left and although that may sound like a lot, when I think about what I want to get done and what I have done to date I am VERY worried about reaching this deadline with everything I wanted to achieve complete. I am feeling like I have done a lot of work yet nothing is finished and nothing conveys my ideas completly yet. I am now enlisting help for tomorrow and Sunday (from Julian) and will make an extra big push to get as much done in the next week as physically possible!

But here is what has been happening this week so far:
Mixing my clay in the GIANT mixer

A very logistical move from one board to another with no damage thanks to Peter's great ideas.

Cutting off the nose to hollow out the head.

I forgot that I had to fit unferneath all of this to hollow out the body.

Jeanne Hoffman hard at work making moulds.

Laurence Epps doing a bit of late night glazing.

The studio as of today.

The next edition.

Saturday, August 18, 2012



After 5 weeks of living and working with this group of artist and still being so in awe of them all, I thought it would only be fair to post a few of their details so that you can look and see for yourself the amazing talents that I am being exposed to. Some of these people listed below have already left but everyone I have come into contact with has already left such an impression on me.

Yeal Atzmony is a ceramist from Israel.

Charlotte Cornaton is a ceramist, mixed media and visual artist from Paris.

Lawrence Epps is a Painter and Ceramist from the United Kingdom.

Jeanne Hoffman is a South African Artist currently living in Belgium.

Bastienne Kramer is a Ceramist from the Netherlands. She is also the head of the ceramics department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Douglas White is a visual artist and sculptor from the United Kingdom.

Choi Sukjin is a ceramist from the republic of Korea and is currently living in the United States.

Marien Schouten is a visual artist, ceramist and painter form the Netherlands.

Juana Valdes is a sculptor from the United States.

Jen Blazina is a visual artist from the United states.

Anne Verhoijsen is a visual artist from the Netherlands.

Stephanie Baechler is a textiles and fashion designer from Switzerland.

For more information on participants or anything that is happening at the .EKWC you can also visit their website: