Thursday, July 26, 2012


This week I have decided to try my hand at sculpting. I always cast or throw and have never been able to get whats in my head to come out the way I want it to so it has been a challenge especially at this scale. I used a front profile and side profile and cut them out of ply to give my big block of clay a starter shape with guidelines. I have made it solid and will have to carve out the inside later to be able to fire it.  I will add more photos once it is complete.

Carving back a basic shape.
120KG 'S of Clay

Adding mane.


Head propped up to support weith of the head.
Getting ready to move from one board to another.

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  1. Corrina this is stunning! You have such a magical touch. So jelly-ous.....missing clay but oh so happy to see you living your dream x