Thursday, August 2, 2012


I am now into my third working week here at the .EKWC and am totally loving it! The other participants are really great and so inspiring to a very new artist like myself. They all work in different ways, have achieved so many amazing things, gained such great knowledge and are really willing to share that experience with me. I feel very lucky to alone have the opportunity to work alongside these artists.
This week was my turn to give a presentation about my past work. Of course it felt a lot shorter with only two years of work to show but it gave the others an idea of where I have come from. Everyone was very interested in the New Zealand Arts and Ceramics scene and some have asked me about the possibility of residencies back home.
The work is coming along and the more I make the more the ideas keep coming! I am almost half way through constructing my large series now but will take a week out next week to go through and sample some glazes and finishes which I can't wait to get started on. I can't believe next week is my fourth week, time is going far too quickly!

Loading Marien Schouten's LARGE piece into the LARGE Kiln.
I was lucky to have Julian helping me in the studio this week. He is hollowing out the Rooster.

Lunch time with the lovely bunch of other participants.
Some serious moulds, just in the hanging out in the hallway.
I have discovered the wonderful library in the attic this week.
Here is the view from the window.

180kg's of clay to be shaped....

Sukjin Choi and I cooked a delicious Kiwi/Korean dinner for everyone.

My presentation to give everyone an idea of my work.

Enjoying Yael Atzmony's delicious homemade Israeli dinner.
We really eat so well!
Working out how to shape a Bull's head.

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